Professional Consulting


Read Mind works with you to ensure that you always align your internal initiatives with your business goals. Our Professional Consulting services offerings range from IT strategy and process consulting to technology consulting and solution architecture

Would you like to work with a partner who helps you increase your resource ability with optimized business processes. So that you can focus on executing on your strategy and be sure that your internal systems and processes back your initiatives all the way.

Consulting Approach

Read Mind¡¯s differentiates itself with a unique business model driven by significant upfront investments in training and development of our personnel. Our team understands how to evaluate top talent, retain this talent and proactively address your needs.

With our strong HR policies and our training and knowledge sharing networks, Read Mind ensures that experienced consultants, with the right skills, are assigned to each engagement.

Read Mind enables clients to deal effectively with peak loads by providing consulting at their locations for a specific period of time or for an entire Resource.

The types of consulting provided are:

  • Talent Pool
  • Campus Recruitment
  • Mass Recruitment

The core mechanism of our Professional Consulting is our efficient Resource Management System. The extent of our Professional consulting is determined by client¡¯s need ¨C varies from overall consulting and project management of the entire project or partner in specific parts of the project to staffing a few key contract positions depending on the need.
Skill Sets & Verticals

Read Minds has proven abilities of providing a rich array of On-time and Ready workforce across skill sets and technologies in various domains, both in the mainstream and niche realm. The exhaustive list includes

Verticals :

Telecom & Engineering

Skill Set:

C, C++, Unix
Web Technology (VB, Dot Net, etc.)
ERP (Baan, SAP, PeopleSoft, etc.)
Data warehouse, Data stage & Data Analysis
Oracle & PL/SQL
Content Writing
And more. Like Telecom, Engineering, BFSI, Retail names few in list.

Current Openings

openings for SAP CRM tester
openings for Software tester and Oracle DBMS
jobs on Data specialist ,ETL. Data stage
Change Management
jobs on Java (swings)